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NGMS’s creative team is thoroughly versed in all phases of new product design and development, from initial concept through delivery to market, which makes us an invaluable resource for inventors and entrepreneurs.

If your invention or idea is in its infancy, we can competently guide you through all phases of development. Offering a full spectrum of services, such as 3D digital prototyping, securing a patent, checking intellectual property and procuring trademarks, responsive website design, package design, brand identity, 3d animated visualizations, & manufacturing options - we provide you with precisely what you need to get your invention in front of potential retailers or investors, and its best chance at success.

If your invention is further along in its development cycle, but has stalled for whatever reason, we can provide you with the guidance, insight and direction needed to get it back on track.

Please review our product development workflow below, and feel free to contact us with any questions by using our Contact Us form or calling the number listed.

Phase 1

Initial Consultation

The first phase is the initial consultation, at which time our team will determine precisely how we can help you successfully get your product to market. At this time we will discuss budget parameters, project specifics, and answer any questions you may have. We will then submit a project quote within 48 hours, in which will contain an itemized list of the design and product development services we could potentially provide. In addition, we will discuss the patent process, as well as the need for securing intellectual property protection for your product and/or business. There is no charge for the initial consultation, and can be accomplished over the phone or in our North Phoenix office.

Phase 2

Conceptual Design

It is at this stage that we begin constructing the 3d model of your digital prototype, as well as start on any previously agreed upon marketing assets, such as conceptual design of logos, website layout, creative content, etc. When the initial project contract is signed, there will be an agreed series of project milestones - the first being the submission of the 3d model & rough drafts of all design & creative content for your review.

Phase 3

3D Prototyping & Marketing Material Revisions

Once the revisions from phase 2 have been implemented on the 3d digital model and all associated marketing material, the initial prototype of your product will be printed on a 3d printer, and presented to you for inspection, along with all of the revised conceptual art and content presented at the first milestone date. This is the 2nd milestone date set forth in the contract.

Phase 4

Pre-Manufacturing & Marketing Asset Completion

The 3rd and final milestone date is the time that we sit down with you, review all finalized marketing material, as well as any updates that may have been made to the prototype. It is at this time that our manufacturing expert will advise you on the various options available for the manufacturing of your product. The final milestone meeting also serves as an opportunity to discuss any post manufacturing marketing support that you may need, such as social media marketing, radio or tv ad campaigns, etc.

That’s it?

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Questions? Feel free to give us a call to set up an initial consultation, or fill out our online consultation form, and we will get right back to you.

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